Castaldo LiquaCast No Shrink Liquid Mold Rubber

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2 Part Liquid Mold Rubber Makes Perfect Copies Without Shrinkage
Vacuuming Recommended
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Liquid mold rubbers (LMR) are used to make models of waxes, organic products or any item that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of vulcanization. Castaldo's liquid mold rubber is a two-part product that produces pink rubber molds with no shrinkage and with outstanding detailed design reproduction. Use Castaldo liquid mold rubber whenever you need a back up copy of that fabulous wax design that just took you all day to produce or for limited production runs or for any time you can't afford to risk losing your original. Castaldo liquid mold rubber comes with precise detailed instructions for use. Vacuuming recommended*

Cures at room temperature in 16-24 hours.

*If you do not have a vacuum pump, good results can still be obtained by dipping the model in liquid rubber (instead of directly pouring) or brushing on a small quantity (of the liquid rubber mixture) and inspecting it for bubbles before pouring the entire mold.

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All Castaldo jewelry Manufacturing Products are intended for professional use only and only by persons familiar with jewelry casting techniques.

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