Durston Jump Ringer and Glardon Flex Shaft Combo-110V

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The Durston 1309 Complete Jump Ringer is heavy duty production tool with thousands in use around the world, larger and heavier than other similar systems. Durston's Complete Jump Ringer features steel construction for all elements except for the aluminum stand.  It weighs almost twice as much and is about 25% larger than other similar systems.

The Durston 1309 Complete Jump Ringer requires a flex shaft with a #30 style handpiece, so we put this kit together with a Glardon-Vallorbe Flex Shaft kit to produce the lowest cost ready to use jump ring making system on the market.

The Durston 1309 Complete Jump Ringer 143.209:

The Durston 1309 Complete Jump Ringer is a jump ring making machine that is used with a Foredom No. 30 style handpiece and a flex shaft machine. With it you can mass produce jump rings from soft* non-ferrous jewelry wire like gold, copper and silver. The jump rings can be made with wire as thick as 13 gauge (1.85 mm). The inside diameter of the jump rings can be as small as 2 mm and as large as 12 mm. The outside diameter of your rings will vary depending on the wire diameter you use. The most popular sized wire for making jump rings used in the jewelry industry is anywhere from 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm. 

The 1309 Complete Jump Ringer from Durston has many improvements over the original Durston Ringer. It now includes a coil holder which is part of the main base for greater stability. It also has a safety coil winder which can be moved and positioned anywhere on your bench. The increased mandrel length (4-3/4") and coil holder length means you can produce more jump rings at one go. The high stem gives more room for your hands and is movable in a complete 360 degree circle. 

Includes: 21 Mandrels 

Mandrels Range from the smallest at 2 mm up to the largest at 12 mm in 1/2 mm sizes. The smallest 4 mandrels, sizes 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm do are not drilled with holes. All other mandrels are drilled with holes.
  • 2-Sided Coil Holder x 1
  • 1-1/4" High Speed Steel Saw Blade x 1
  • Saw Blade Mandrel x 1
  • Handpiece Holder x 1
  • Coil Winder with Keyless Chuck x 1
  • Hex keys x 3

*Not for use with platinum, titanium, steel or niobium wire.

Glardon Flex Shaft Kit 134.199:

The Glardon Flex Shaft is made by the world's leading manufacturer of flexible shaft machines. This kit includes a foot control and a number 30 adjustable Jacobs chuck handpiece. 1/8HP ball-bearing , 20,000 rpm motor. 

The Glardon motor is covered by a one-year factory warranty. You can use all Foredom QD handpieces with the Glardon Flex Shaft.

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