Glardon-Vallorbe Conical Shape-Oval-Beading Tools-Sizes 00 to 07

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New from Glardon-Vallorbe of Switzerland-Super Premium Conical Oval Shaped Beading Tools

Choose from 8 Sizes from Sizes 00 to 07 (0.25mm to 0.60mm beads)

The Glardon-Vallorbe factory in Vallorbe Switzerland is the only place in the world where Swiss made files come from. Now they are putting their expertise in fabricating and hardening steel to use in producing a new Conical Shaped (Oval) beading tools.

The standard and most popular shape beading tool remains the Spherical-Round beading tools, see 153.161MAIN.

Glardon-Vallorbe beading tools are far superior to other makes of beading tools in hardness and durability, so they hold their shape longer, keeping resharpening to a minimum. Each Glardon-Vallorbe beading tool features a perfectly formed calotte, the proper name for the edges of the tool, with a rounded outer edge and a sharp inner edge. This is a distinctive feature of the Glardon-Vallorbe beading tool not found on other makes. When viewed under magnification this feature is quite evident and makes for a tool that is ready to use out of the box as it requires no pre-polishing. Glardon Vallorbe beading tools are made with chromium steel that has been hardened to 64-66 HRC. Glardon-Vallorbe beading tools give diamond setters a more productive tool for the same cost as other beading tool brands.

Each Glardon-Vallorbe beading tool is trademarked with Glardon-Vallorbe separated by the factory trademark fish logo on one side with Swiss Made on the other. Each beading tool side is also marked with its size from size 00 thru 07. Beading tools are called Perloirs in French, Korneisen in German and Perleros in Spanish.

Choose from 8 sizes:
  • BGLA30-60-00  No. 00  0.25mm 
  • BGLA30-60-01  No. 01  0.30mm 
  • BGLA30-60-02  No. 02  0.35mm 
  • BGLA30-60-03  No. 03  0.40mm 
  • BGLA30-60-04  No. 04  0.45mm 
  • BGLA30-60-05  No. 05  0.50mm 
  • BGLA30-60-06  No. 06  0.55mm 
  • BGLA30-60-07  No. 07  0.60mm 

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