Glardon-Vallorbe Master File Kit

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This is a master assortment of the most popular Swiss Made files that were used by the Revere Academy of San Francisco for their jewelry courses. This 20 piece assortment contains genuine Swiss Made Glardon-Vallorbe files, which were formerly branded as Grobet Swiss files in the USA. Now Grobet files are made in Italy. If the file you use says Swiss Made, they were manufactured in Switzerland by Glardon-Vallorbe and will be marked with the factory "Fish" logo. These are the original quality files that Alan Revere uses and recommends. This kit contains the files necessary for 90% of the courses once offered by the now closed Revere Academy.

This is an excellent assortment of files for anyone interested in the jewelry trade and wondering what would be the most useful files to purchase. It comes in a tear resistant, extremely durable Glardon-Vallorbe factory branded case made of heavy duty plastic that should give many years of service. Case has a clear plastic flap that holds your files in place and will roll up and snaps shut for storage. The case also has 16 empty slots for room to grow your collection of files, although all the larger file slots save one narrow one are being used.

Kit contains:
  • 7 Most Popular Hand Files
  • 12 Essential Needle Files
  • 1 Escapement File

This Kit contains one of each Glardon-Vallorbe files below:

LP1060-6-2 Barrette 6" Cut 2
LP1060-8-0 Barrette 8" Cut 0
LP1566-6-0 Half Round Ring 6" Cut 0
LP1566-6-2 Half Round Ring 6" Cut 2
LP1163-6-1 Hand File 6" Cut 1
LP1170/LP1171-4-2-1.1 Joint Round Edge 1.1 mm 4" Cut 2
LP1669-6-2-2.4 Round-Parallel 6" x 3/32" (2.4 mm) Cut 2
LA2411-160-2 Needle Barrette 6" Cut 2
LA2411-160-4 Needle Barrette 6" Cut 4
LA2411-160-6 Needle Barrette 6" Cut 6
LA2401-200-0 Needle Pillar (Flat) 7-3/4" Cut 0
LA2401-200-4 Needle Pillar (Flat) 7-3/4" Cut 4
LA2402-160-2 Needle Half-Round 6-1/4" Cut 2
LA2410-160-4 Needle Round 6-1/4" Cut 4
LA2408-160-2 Needle Square 6-1/4" Cut 2
LA2408-160-4 Needle Square 6-1/4" Cut 4
LA2401-160-6 Needle Pillar (Flat) 6-1/4" Cut 6
LA2407-160-4 Needle Three-Square 6-1/4" Cut 4
LA2407-160-6 Needle Three-Square 6-1/4" Cut 6
LE3020-55-4 Escapement Square 55 mm Cut 4

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