Ikohe Combination Belt & Disc Sander

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The new Ikohe Combination Belt & Disc Sander is a step up from the popular Ikohe Belt Sander.  Just like the Ikohe Belt Sander, it is powered by your Flex Shaft (sold separately), using the same size belts, but adds a remarkable new feature: A 3" diameter disc sander with a fixed center mounted tool arbor for mounting 3/32" mandrel diameter flex shaft tools.  This features is like having a fixed handpiece holder for your flex shaft.  You can use it like a mini disc sander or like you would a lathe.  Because the arbor is fixed it is not removable, so you need to make your own discs with a center hole cut out.  See instructions below for making discs.

Belt sanders are great tools to have in the workshop, speeding up grinding and finishing jobs while allowing you to use both hands so flat surfaces are easy to achieve. The problem with belt sanders for jewelers has always been that the common industrial belt sander is just too darn big for the average jeweler. Ikohe has solved this problem by designing a jewelers sized belt sander that is just right for the jewelers bench. 

Instructions for Use:

When setting up your new Ikohe Combination Belt & Disc Sander, you will want to find a surface on your bench that has good mobility around the sander. Clamping it directly on the bench pin is often a good spot.


Once you have the sander securely mounted to your bench, you are ready to add the sanding belt. On the side of the sander you will see 3 knobs. The center knob will move up and down, allowing you to loosen and tighten the belt. Always be sure to tighten the set screw on the opposite side of the center knob when adding a new belt, and before turning the sander on.


A key tip* flex shaft motor is required to use the Ikohe Combination Belt & Disc Sander. Remove the handpiece from your flex shaft and align the key tip into the belt sander attachment area. To remove the flex shaft key tip, simply push the silver sheath back on the sander and gently pull the cable out. If you do not pull the sheath back, the flex shaft key tip will not release.


To use the disc sander, you will need to cut your own discs from a PSA abrasive sheet. The dimensions are 3” with a ½” center hole. Precut sanding sheets will be available in the future.

We recommend purchasing Part# 111.268KIT to have a variety of PSA sanding sheets available.

The easiest and most consistent way to cut the 3” disc with a ½” hole is to score the sheet with dividers before cutting with scissors.


You will notice a horizontal arbor in the center of the disc sander. This gives you the ability to use standard 3/32” wheels you would normally use in a flex shaft. To add and remove burs from the 3/32” collet, you will need the 2 wrenches provided in the kit. One will go on the arbor, and the other on the sheath. Push them in opposite directions to tighten or loosen the collet. Once you add your bur, be sure to tighten the sheath before use.


There is also an attachment in this kit to be used with your dust collector. Screw the flexible arm to the back of the sander and position the acrylic tube below the working area. You can then place the hose to your dust collector underneath the acrylic tube. Keep in mind this will not be a direct connection, they will be in close proximity to one another. 

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