JURA QC.EC.TH Microblock Thermoloc Jaw Clamps Pair

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Jura is a master stonesetter from the Netherlands who specialized in the highest quality micro-stonesetting. Through the years he has created many specialized tools for holding a wide variety of items to stone set, most notably rings but including watch cases, beads, broaches and pendants. The popularity of micro pave stonesetting continues to grow, and just about anything you can think of can now be successfully microstoneset.

This is the JURA QC.EC.TH microblock thermoloc jaw clamps for use with the GRS Microblock and JURA tools.

Why this tool? Use the JURA microblock thermoloc jaw clamp set with a variety of thermoplastics including GRS thermolock and Otto Frei's Jett Sett and Jett Sett II. Thermoplastics don't stick to metals and require a mechanical bond in order to hold onto the jaws and the pieces being held. The design of this jaw set allows for such a mechanical bond for the thermoplastic.

This JURA thermoloc jaw clamp set is used with the JURA tool holders that fit into the GRS Microblock. You need to own a GRS microblock fitted with either the basic JURA attachment set or the complete JURA attachment set in order to use this shellac plate.

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