Jura by GRS 500-511 QC Complete Set Without MicroBlock

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This is the new Jura by GRS QC (Quick Change) Complete Set made for the GRS MicroBlock or GRS MicroBlock XL.  This set does not included a block, which are available separately. This set is made in the USA by GRS.

Jura is a master stonesetter from the Netherlands who specialized in the highest quality micro-stonesetting. Through the years he has created these specialized tools for holding a wide variety of jewelry items that he has been commissioned to stone set, most notably rings but including watch cases, beads and just about anything a customer could come up with. This complete set of Jura's stone setting fixtures is used with the GRS Microblock, or the GRS Microblock XL both of which are sold separately, and features a special set of jaws that replaces the jaws on the Microblocks. These jaws hold a variety of attachments for holding rings from the inside or other various shaped items like beads and such from the outside. Other jigs are meant to be used with a thermoplastic like GRS's Thermo-lock or Jett-Set or traditional shellac.

The master set of Jura's stone setting tools includes the following:

Jura Microblock Jaw Set (Not Available Separately)*
Jura Ring Holder Jig Set (Not Available Separately)*
129.995A Inside Ring Holder Screw Set*
129.995 10 Piece Expandable Collet Set*
129.993 Flat Clamp with Groove*

129.991A Jura Ball Holders
129.991B Jura Tapered Holders
129.992A Jura Shellac/Thermo-Loc Knurled Cylinder
129.992B Jura Shellac/Thermo-Loc Triangle Cylinder
129.985A Jura Cylinder Top 6mm with Groove
129.985B Jura Cylinder Top 10mm
129.986A Jura Round Top 20mm
129.986B Jura Straight Top 20mm
129.986C Jura Straight Top 40mm
129.988 Jura Shellac Plate
129.990 Jura Thermo-Loc Jaw Clamps
129.983 Jura Jaw Set with 3/32" Pin Holes
129.984 Jura Outside Ring Holding Jaw Set

    *Included with the basic set 129.980

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