Jura by GRS 500-517 QC Advanced Kit with MicroBlock

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The Jura by GRS advanced set is the most complete workholding system on the jewelry tools market.  Jura has designed workholding solutions for just about any job.  This advanced set saves the user time and frustration by including all the tools needed to properly hold a piece for setting or jewelry engraving. This kit also includes a variety of tools that Jura has designed to make work so much easier including a complete set of color coded tool holding chucks, a special easy to use Jura digital caliper, the Jura scribe and Jura Tweezers.

Jura is a master diamond setter from the Netherlands who specialized in the highest quality micro-stonesetting. Through the years he has created many specialized tools for holding a wide variety of jewelry items that he has been commissioned to stone set, most notably rings but including watch cases, beads and just about anything a customer could come up with.

This set includes everything in the Complete set plus the addition of the 3 larger Jura tools, the Inside Engraving Ring Holder, the Drill head Holder and and then just about every other Jura tool you could want.  

GRS MicroBlock with Jura Eccentric Jaws (not available separately)
Jura Master Jaws (not available separately)
Jura Base Set S, M & L 
Jura MH.HK.00 Hex Key 129.974A
Jura QC.SC.PL Set of 10 Plastic Collets 129.995
Jura QC.08 Flat Clamps with Groove 129.993
Jura QC.PL.M6 Plate with M6 Thread & M6 Screw & Spacer 129.989
Jura QC.19.02 Inside Ring Holder & Screw Set 129.995A
Jura QZ.QC.02 Organizer 113.422
Jura QC.01 6 mm Cylinder Top with Groove 129.985A
Jura QC.RT.10 10 mm Cylinder Top 129.985B
Jura QC.RT.20 20 mm Round Top 129.986A
Jura QC.ST.20 20 mm Straight Top 129.986B
Jura QC.05 40 mm Straight Top 129.986C
Jura QC.10 Outside Ring Holders 129.984
Jura QC.CL.00 Brass Thermoloc Cylinders & Brass Knurled Shellac Cylinder Kit 129.992A
Jura QC.EC.TH Thermoloc Engravers Clamps 129.990
Jura QC.TH.PH Brass Tapered Holders & Brass Ball Holders Kit 129.991A
Jura QC.PL.SH Shellac Plate 129.988
Jura QC.11 Inside Engraving Ring Holder 129.999
Jura QC.DH.00 Drill Head Holder 129.998Jura by GRS MicroBlock Jaw Set 129.983
Jura by GRS Ceramic Pen 152.976
Jura by GRS Carbide Pick 152.977
Jura by GRS Digital Divider 135.006
Jura by GRS Set of 10 Hand Chucks 134.783KIT
Jura by GRS Tweezers 157.175

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