Knew Concepts Jewelers Precision Aluminum Sawframes with Cam Tension & ASD

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SKU: 149.6431
$99.00 to $105.00


 Choose from 2 Different Throat Depths: 

  • 149.643  3" (75mm)
  • 149.645  5" (125mm)


These are the original versions of the Knew Concept saw frames with the Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps. The original versions have lighter frames than the new Mk IV Heavy Duty versions that have heavier frames for added stiffness. These saw frames, also called fret saws, have two features that make it different from the Knob Tension and Cam Tensions Saw Frames from Knew Concepts:


  • You can change the direction of the sawblade related to the sawframe (ASD)
  • You can change sawblade clamp knobs from side to side for left or right handed operation


This saw frame from Knew Concepts has sawblade clamps that can swivel 45o right or left relative to the sawframe and handle so you can change the direction of the cutting edge of a sawblade. This Adjustable Sawblade Direction (ASD) feature is activated by releasing a cam lever that frees the sawblade clamps to rotate. The sawblade clamps have three different detents (presets) at 0o (center) 45o to the right and 45o to the left. With care, you can set the direction of the sawblade to any degree angle within the complete 90o of adjustability. The detents give you three alignments at the most common settings, making it easy for Metalsmiths and Woodworkers to make precise and repeatable changes in sawblade direction.


This new sawframe also allows for the clamp knobs to be switched from one side to the other for left or right hand operation. Just like the knob and cam tension sawframes, Knew Concepts cam tension sawframes with ASD are made from lightweight aluminum for maximum rigidity and long sawblade life.

Looking for an 8" throat depth Knew Concepts saw frame?  See the new Mk IV Heavy Duty versions, part number 149.6808 and 149.688CS. They both feature the new heavier and stronger frames that improves accuracy through less possible flexing that can happen with these deeper throated fret saws.

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Fab and worth it.


I purchased this saw a few months ago. It's probably the BEST hand saw I've ever owned. I was sick of sore wrists and my hands are getting older so I was seeking something better and low and behold I ran across this one. It's amazing, no stress to hands or wrists and the adjustments make it more usable than the old standard saw. I am SO Happy I added this to my bench. Can't say enough