Knew Concepts Mk IV 8" Heavy Duty Jewelers Saw Frame-With Cam Lever Tension

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The Knew Concepts Mk IV 8" Heavy Duty Jewelers saw frame is a new addition to the Knew Concept saw frame line. The Mk IV Heavy Duty units are heavier of course, but that added bulk results in a considerable amount of increased tension, 60 pounds worth, which is 2-3 times as much as the original (and still available) Knew Concepts 5" Jewelers saw frames.

What good is that increased tension? Well accuracy can be greatly improved as there is no flex to be had in this sawframe.

The increased strength of these frames means that you can only purchase them with Cam Lever Tension, as attempting to use traditional screw tension becomes a difficult task with these stronger frames.

The Knew Concepts Mk4 Heavy Duty Hand Saws are available in three different frame sizes, 3", 5" and 8" with all sizes available with just Cam Lever Tension or with Cam Lever Tension and 360 degree Swivel Blade Clamps.


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