Nechamkin-Otto Frei Pistol Grip Chasing Hammer

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Nechamkin and Otto Frei have teamed up with a partner manufacturer to create the Nechamkin-Otto Frei Pistol Grip Chasing Hammer.  Using Liza Nechamkins exacting specifications, these beautiful chasing hammers are made by highly skilled and experienced craftspeople.

The handles are cut from hand selected cherry wood and then carefully shaped into its signature form and sanded by hand within very close tolerances.  The handles are then given a and rubbed oil finish that results in a rich color and satiny surface.

The head is precision made from high carbon 440C stainless tool steel. Weighing in at 3 ounces, the hand finished heads have a 30 mm diameter face and are laser engraved with the Nechamkin and Otto Frei Trademarks.  The stainless steel head has excellent rust resistance and is certified at 57 Rockwell hardness for maximum toughness and durability.

Heads are fitted one by one to their handles and manually fixed in place with a hand cut hardwood wedge the old fashioned way.

When used the way Liza teaches, these thin handles present no danger from breaking.  If misused, these thin hammer handles can break.  For that reason, the handles are not guaranteed.  For information and videos on how to properly use these hammers, please see Liza Nechmakins Youtube videos.

Unparalleled Ergonomic Function:

Nechamkin Pistol Grip Chasing Hammer design has ergonomic function unparalleled by other handles.  This grip design provides easy control for light to medium-heavy strokes with a delicate whipping action eliminating gripping errors that lead to fatigue when chasing for extended periods.

The grip fits naturally in the palm.  this allows the hand to relax, wrist to remain effortlessly straight and the shoulder to drop.  Strain on the upper body is reduced and chances of repetitive motion injury lessen.

Simply put, these hammers are a pleasure to hold and use and are well worth the money.  Once you use a Nechamkin hammer, no other will do!

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I LOVE this Nechamkin pistol grip chasing hammer.

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I have one of these. Yes, it costs, but is well worth it. It is an absolute joy to use. I learned repousse with other hammers, and later decided to try this one. I LOVE it ! ! ! (It is the only one I want to continue using.) I have so much more control with it. Believe all the good things you've seen written about it, they are true.