Nugold Sheet Metal 12" x 12" Square

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$23.40 to $40.75


Choose from 5 gauges:

   Part No.   Gauge

  • 143.441  18 Gauge (1.00mm-.040" thick)
  • 143.442  20 Gauge (0.82mm-.032" thick)
  • 143.443  22 Gauge (0.64mm-.025" thick)
  • 143.445  24 Gauge (0.5mm-0.02" thick)
  • 143.446  26 Gauge (0.4mm-.016" thick)

NuGold is a type of brass, with a higher copper content than our standard brass.  Because of the higher copper content, NuGold has a more reddish color as compare to our standard brass, some might say closer to the color of 14K gold alloy.  Because of this higher copper content, NuGold sheets have a range of coloration from batch to batch, with some batches being redder than others.

NuGold is a type of brass called 230 alloy that contains 85-88% copper, the balance zinc. Our standard Brass is 260 alloy, which is 68-70% copper, the balance zinc. Both these brass alloys are rated excellent for soldering and hammering applications.

NuGold sheets do not have a plastic coating on one side and may have minor abrasions that will need to be polished before use. Sheets come straight from the mill and are not otherwise polished or finished in any way. Sheets can have natural surface discolorations that can be polished away.

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