RingRescue Non-Destructive Ring Removal Kit

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The RingRescue is designed to be a smooth, effortless and practical tool that can be used by anyone in a jewelry store and medical industry to safely remove rings from swollen fingers. Because there is no cutting those hard to cut steel, titanium, ceramic, and zirconium rings are no longer a challenge to remove.
The RingRescue Non-Destructive Ring Removal Kit belongs in every jewelry store and medical tool kit. 

RingRescue was created in cooperation with retail jewelers and medical professionals who frequently deal with stuck rings and know the problems with using a traditional ring cutter on a customers or patients ring. Now when your customers/patients ring is stuck because of swollen fingers, you can have a safe, painless, and easy to use alternative to using the slow, tedious and just plain annoying ring cutter method.

RingResuce applies targeted external pressure to the finger over the knuckle region, this will make the finger smaller which makes ring removal easier.  The degree of finger size reduction depends on the amount of soft tissue swelling (edema) that is present.  With RingRescue, you can make an impossibly stuck ring possible to remove without destroying the ring.

The process takes up to 5 to 6 minutes for the most difficult swelling and then some customers will be able to remove the ring by themselves.  More difficult removals can be assisted with the RingRescue RingSlipper Lubricant and some advanced removal techniques that are explained with the kit owners manual.

The RingResuce will soon be found in Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Facilities, Fire Trucks and Ambulances.  To be used by Nurses, Paramedics, Physicians and now Jewelers Everywhere!  

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Saw this at JCK

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I saw this used to remove a stuck ring at the JCK show. Worked very well, really neat new tool!